Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cough cough


73.0 kg this morning, which means my weight is actually UP by 0.1 kg this week. I lost half a kg early in the week then stayed at that weight until I pigged out yesterday while celebrating my husband's birthday. I'm hoping that the overnight gain is temporary.

It will be Tim's actual birthday on Wednesday and we'll go out to dinner then, but we celebrated with family yesterday. Had some friends over to lunch and a swim then family all afternoon and for dinner. Pizza, chips, cake etc. I'm ok with eating some treats on the weekend, especially at a birthday, but I ate way too much. Including half a bag of Burger Rings in the evening once everyone had gone. Blurg. Not ideal. With Tim's birthday dinner this week and then two other birthday parties next weekend I really need to tighten up what is an acceptable level of treats on 'special occasions'.

Aiden had a bit of a cough and a headache yesterday and ate very little despite all the kid-tempting food. He still had a cough today so I kept him home from school even though he said "it's like a headache, but with no pain" which I think is a very good description of that lacklustre feeling that I also have today. He just seemed a bit wilted. Tim was sneezing violently this morning, pulled his back again, but went to work anyway. Didn't we all just go through this a few weeks ago?

With Aiden home I couldn't go to my library volunteering, which is disappointing. Or grocery shopping. Lots of studying done though.

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