Monday, March 5, 2018



Who invented the photograph? Horrible things! I'll think I look ok, pretty good actually, rocking an outfit, the mirror is being kind, but then I take a couple of selfies and... oh. Damn.

Here is me in my new dress a couple of Sundays ago. Not the best lighting.

I took some photos yesterday of me 'dressed up' to work in the school library, but I'm not very happy with them. I look fatter than I felt, and having my hair pulled back like that is not kind to my face. But I'll post one here anyway.

I decided that a haircut was in order. I had been growing it longer but it wasn't working for me. I had a cut this morning. I like the hair, but my face looks tired and jowly and old...
Oh well, I wasn't wearing any makeup apart from mascara (that makes eyelashes darker, for you non-makeup types) and I am 47! And tired. I need a photo with a thick layer of foundation to cover up the dark circles under my eyes!

I know that a) I've never been photogenic at any age and b) I'm no good at taking photos either! But I feel like I should have some record of what I look like at this time. So just be aware that actually I look much better than that. :)


  1. I think you look wonderful, Natalie. We are often our worst critics xo

    1. Thanks Martha! Don't worry, I don't think I'm ugly... just unphotogenic!