Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tim's birthday


It was my lovely husband's birthday yesterday. He arranged for the day off work, it ended up being a quiet day at home as Aiden and I were still sick. I send Aiden to school on Tuesday but it turned out he was coughing all day, so he was home yesterday and today. He's not seriously sick, but coughing and sore throat and no energy. He isn't eating much, and as he has no body fat to spare he is looking rather thin in the face now. I've been headachy and fatigued with jelly legs, so there has been a lot of sitting around reading and watching TV! I missed TAFE this week.

We did go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner for Tim's birthday, Aiden and I had entrees (starters) instead of mains and then I had half a dessert and that was plenty. Aiden barely touched his but at least he ate some garlic bread. My poor baby, drooping at the table.

My weight gain on Monday was only temporary, the next day it had dropped back to Sunday's weight and has continued to go down. I'm making inroads into virgin fat again! I'm really glad I changed those black pants for the smaller size, my new khaki pants are already feeling a bit loose.


  1. Hope you're both feeling better soon. Well done on the weight loss love Blods xx

  2. Thanks Blods, we're both a lot better.