Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Not up to my usual standard


I submitted two assignments/exercises last week when sick. One, I uploaded the cover sheet twice and didn't include the actual assignment (which I had done). The other, I didn't even realise there was a part two until the teacher emailed me that I'd only done half the work. So, lesson is, don't try to do thinking work when you have the flu! If you have a choice. I have resubmitted both now but I don't know if they are up to my usual standard. I still feel rubbish.

I had a three hour workshop this afternoon that counted as a big part of my assessment for one subject. Digital Repository Management - I had to scan in some photos and documents, make a high quality archive version, a lower quality downloadable version, convert .wav files to .mp3, convert multiple .tif files to one .pdf, stuff like that. Not hard, but unfamiliar to me before this subject. Luckily we had a manual that we could refer to! I think I did ok. But it was a late day, got home exhausted well after my usual dinner time. Tim made yummy butter chicken which I was almost too tired to eat.

Aiden says he doesn't feel sick any more, but his cough has got worse. A nasty deep barking sound. I'll take him to the doctor tomorrow.

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