Wednesday, March 28, 2018



I took Aiden to the doctor yesterday for his persistent barking cough and he prescribed antibiotics and sent us across the road for a chest x-ray, which they did straight away. We went back to the doctor today for the results, all clear which is great. Also the cough seems a bit better. So Aiden has to keep taking the antibiotics (a thick sludgy liquid which he doesn't like much!) and it should clear up soon.

I also went to my doctor today, she is very pleased with my weight loss progress, nearly 4 kg in 3 weeks, and prescribed me another month of Duromine.

Jasmine's school did a colour run today, she came home covered in a rainbow of chalk or whatever they use. She loved it. But can't get the colour out from under her fingernails.

It's the day before Easter long weekend. I did the grocery shopping this morning and it was as busy as I've ever seen it. I had to park some distance away, and the meat shelves were nearly empty although they were refilling them as fast as they could. I managed to get everything I needed. We're having family over as usual.

We had planned to go to the Royal Easter Show this year (farm animals, rides, sideshows, displays of best fruitcake etc) but I'm not sure if we will with Aiden and I still not in peak form. It runs until Tuesday I think but we already have plans for some days. See how we're feeling over the next couple of days. The special bus almost goes past our front door, but it would be a tiring day.

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