Sunday, March 11, 2018

Going well


Everything is going really well with the diet, in fact today I took back one pair of work trousers which I hadn't worn yet and still had the tags on and got the smaller size. I could squeeze into the smaller size when I was shopping two weeks ago, but it didn't look good! So I decided to get the bigger size, which was my 'old' size. I don't really care what the number on the label says. Anyway, I've lost 2kg this week and I decided to back myself to keep losing weight and fitting more smoothly into the smaller size trousers.

I'm eating healthy and in smaller portions, exercising, and sleeping better. No more nausea and the dry mouth is very mild, so it's back like the first couple of months I was on Duromine last year.

Life seems very busy at the moment. I need to spend more time on TAFE work, I’d love to do more gardening, and I have four birthdays this month to shop for - husband, niece, sister-in-law and brother! I’ve already spent a whole day on that with not much to show. After so many years of birthdays and Christmases you run out of ideas!

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