Sunday, March 25, 2018



This morning I weighed 71.4 kg, a massive loss of 1.6 kg but actually part of that belongs to the week before where I had a blip on Monday and didn’t show a loss. And my MyFitnessPal notified me that I’m halfway to my goal weight! OMG halfway! I don’t know if I ever believed I could get this far. Ive been on and off diets for years but I’m counting this attempt from 14 August 2017; so it’s taken 32 weeks, seven and a half months. Although I wasn’t “on a diet” all that time I was seriously trying for most of it. And taking Duromine most of that time. Yay Duromine!

Aiden and I continued to be unwell for the rest of last week. He still has a bit of a cough and I’m still a bit weak but we’re back to our normal routine. I haven’t exercised in so long, but I’m not about to get back into it yet. I still feel a bit fragile.

My sister-in-law Ping had her birthday party on Saturday, lunch at Yum Cha. If you haven’t tried Yum Cha, it’s where an endless stream of waitresses come past with trolleys of different Chinese food and you pick what you want and share with the table. Mainly things like spring rolls and dumplings. Pork belly. Sesame prawn toast. Lots of meat/seafood, lots of carbs, often deep fried, very little vegetable. I love it! Little portions of lots of different yummy things. But definitely special occasion only, not healthy. It’s usually pretty cheap too, but we were at a fancy expensive place. The only thing I didn’t like was that for some reason they chose a restaurant a long way away, so it was an hour each way sitting in traffic.

This morning I did my volunteer library work, which went smoothly. I wore my navy sailor dress.

I had an exciting phone call at the end of last week, the details of my work placement for next term. Three days a week for eight weeks at a local TAFE - not the one I go to which is in the city, the local one doesn’t teach library studies - so the main users of this library will be adult students like myself. I assume I’ll get experience in all different aspects of library work. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been told my main assessable task will be developing a children’s story time session (so obviously little kids use the library too). Dealing with children isn’t my dream job but I’m fine with it and I’ve taken my own children to a million library storytime sessions so I know how they work.

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