Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to school


My run training is every second day, so this morning I went to BodyPump for a bit of cross-training. Due to my shoulder issues my ability to do the moves varies, but today was a good class. We did my favourite tricep track -- the one where you lower the bar to your ribs then curve it up to your forehead and back again, I can't do tricep dips and there were none of those -- and my favourite lunge track if I can be said to have such a thing. It included lots of power lunges interspersed with squats, and I much prefer that combination to the lunge tracks where you are just in one spot dipping down and up until you want to cry and throw your water bottle at the instructor.

Then I got on the elliptical for 30 mins but I had used most of my energy already so I only went 3.9 km in the time. I went home and had an early lunch, even before showering, I get so hungry! Healthy food though.

I had a busy afternoon with a longish drive to exchange Aiden's junky scooter for a good (more expensive) one, grocery shopping, dash back to pick up the kids from their first day back at school, then Aiden's haircut. It was a lovely day outside and I would have liked to be out in it but I'll get to do that tomorrow. I have plans!

Another good day with food, quite a lot of it but good choices. And my first mango of the season, yummy.

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