Saturday, October 13, 2012

Family walk


After seven days with no exercise (arg!), today we went out for a family walk around the lake. It had been a nice morning but by the time we got out after lunch the sky had closed in and there were sprinkles of rain. We set out regardless, Tim & I walking, Jasmine on her new razor scooter and Aiden on his bicycle. It's too small for him (he's getting a new one on his 6th birthday in a few weeks) and it looks a bit comical. He's fast though! The scooter he chose yesterday was a cheap one plastered with Ben 10 regalia but it's a piece of junk and I'm going to take it back and get him a decent one that doesn't rattle and wobble. Jasmine's is much better -- luckily they had a pink one in a studier make.

This time I was able to accurately measure the lake distance with RunKeeper, just over 5 km which is perfect. I don't have an precise measurement because it started raining much more heavily just as we were nearly back to the car so I cut diagonally across some grass and did exactly 5 km, if I'd walked back to my starting point it might have been another 200 metres or so. With one short jog near the end we did it in 61 minutes.

I've signed up for RunKeeper beginner 5 km training, I'll be doing their suggested program from Monday. Starting with a 2.4 km easy walk/jog. I think it's an 8 week program; then I'll try the local Saturday 5 km friendly race!

The kids will be back at school on Monday, I'm completely well and so is my ankle, no more excuses.

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