Thursday, October 4, 2012

Motivation, or lack thereof


I had an hour and a half at the gym while the kids did their school holiday program Club Gecko session. I really found it hard today, I just didn't want to be there. I did half an hour of weights then moved on to the elliptical, hoping to find a bit of motivation. Nope. I decided that I didn't have to go for a new Natalie record today, but I did have to stay on there for 30 mins. I struggled along for 3.8 km, which is nothing like my best but still further than my first few tries so I guess it wasn't that slow. Then I was done.

Do I feel guilty that I didn't make use of the full hour and a half I had available, and didn't push myself hard? Do I feel proud that I got in a decent workout for an hour even though I really didn't want to? I'm not sure what the appropriate response is here.

After Gecko and an afternoon tea break, Aiden had his gymnastics -- so another hour and a half of exercise for him. He says he isn't tired, poor little mite. The resilience of the young. When we picked him up we saw his last move; he jumped on one of those little trampolines then into a handstand and curled over onto his back on the mat. Incredible for a five year old! Well, I think so. His trainers are very impressed with him, he is in the accelerated stream. But even if he is good enough, I am not going to push him into competition. Competitive sport is so hard on a little body. Or a bigger one, for that matter. But as long as he enjoys it he can have his lessons, next term increased to two days a week.

A new boy started in Aiden's gymnastics class today but went home before the end because he found it too hard. It was a good opportunity to remind both my kids that different people are good at different things, and that is ok.

This has strayed a bit from weight-loss blogging, but it was on my mind.

Perfect steak for dinner, cob of corn, big salad.

Hopefully I'll have a bit more oomph tomorrow.

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