Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chocolate croissant and not much running


Yesterday was a bit of a day off, exercise-wise, just the half hour total walking the kids to and from school. I did shopping and various other errands, a tradesman came, then a friend I haven't seen for a while came over for afternoon tea and a chat.

Today was mainly a quiet day at home, with a BBQ/kids' birthday party at a park at lunchtime. I took a cheese and tomato sandwich instead of eating greasy sausages, but did eat plenty of snack food. Then I went for a 40 min walk.

My calories and fat/fibre/etc balance has been really good for the past few days -- until today. A bit too much party food, and way too much saturated fat. Chocolate croissants aren't entirely healthy -- who knew? I was going to have some icecream for supper but after adding up my calories for the day, didn't. I'm certainly not hungry. But one thing I noticed was that the sugary high-GI party food made me want to keep eating junk all day.

I'm a bit worried about the race which is a week from tomorrow (apparently the same day as the NY marathon, which BitchCakes is running in for the first time, mine is a little shorter at 3.4 km), my "running" training is mainly walking still. I'll get to the finish line eventually, but whether anyone else will still be there is another matter.

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