Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: 78.7 kg. Maybe.


Yesterday I was 78.1 kg. This morning I got on the scales and it read 79.1 kg. Arg! I didn't believe it. Tried again. 78.4. 78.5. 79.0. 78.7. 78.7.

I just can't trust my scales at all. I think it's because there isn't a flat uncarpeted floor anywhere. The kitchen is the best option (the bathroom floors all slope towards the drain grating) but I don't think it is really level.

It could be argued I shouldn't be weighing myself every day. But if I didn't already know that I can change by a kg overnight I would get an even worse shock on weigh-in day! And I can't not weigh myself at all, I need some measurement of success or failure.

I guess I need to find a scale I can trust and use that weekly or whatever. My old gym had one, surely this new one does somewhere? I'll ask.

Regardless of these issues, I am not losing weight. I want to scream at the world "Why not!" and then I think; well, we all know why. "It's not fair, I've already given up so much!!" Oh, you want to look at your privileged life and say it's not fair, Princess?

On with the show.

I bought extra milk when I knew my brother was visiting. He was here for slightly over 24 hours. In that time he drank about 5 litres (which is 1.3 gallons, apparently, 2 1/2 big bottles) of milk. Milkshakes, all of my hot chocolate, most of my tea bags (he has his tea half water half milk) and of course plain milk. I guess he won't be breaking any bones anytime soon.

Last night at D&D supper I had chips and a couple of cookies. Not a major pig-out but not as restrained as I should have been. The most exciting moment was when Tim knocked a half-full glass of red wine (his) all over me. I didn't react very quickly, just sat there gasping with soaked shirt and jeans and wine in my hair, while others saved my iPhone and the carpet. Luckily in my own home I had plenty of clothes to change into. I threw the others in the bath and have washed them today but have yet to see if it's all come out.

Very salty dinner last night (which may have contributed to today's weight gain), although otherwise healthy, of home-made san choy bow (bau?). Lean pork mince with finely chopped mushrooms, shallots, water chestnuts and baby corn. Soy sauce and oyster sauce and some beef stock. Wrapped in a lettuce leaf. I haven't made it for a few years and I thought the kids would be "euww, what are all the bits" and refuse to eat it but they both loved it.

Today was my first real school holiday day of just me and the kids. We went to Old Parliament House first. They had a kid's activity involving Lego blocks from 10.30 to 12. Aiden loves Lego. The building is part of the Parliamentary Triangle which is on the lake I like to walk around, lots of public buildings. The car parks were full of people going to work plus people doing school holiday things and people enjoying the sunshiney lake. We cruised around five or six big car parks for half an hour or so with no luck, eventually finding a spot under the Art Gallery. I guess art isn't as popular. Then we had a bit of a hike to get there. Then we were given a map of Old Parliament House and walked around in circles until a kind lady showed us the closed door that we should have gone through. Finally we got in at about 11.40, with the organisers saying, "ok, five more minutes then we will exhibit what we have made." Luckily Aiden didn't make a fuss about missing most of it, the two of them quickly built something together and showed it off with everyone else.

Back to the Art Gallery where we decided to have lunch, got lost wandering around the galleries even though I've been there quite often, had to ask for directions to the cafe. Very expensive not particulary good lunch that took a long time to come to the table, but the kids were happy because they got chips. And we had a nice chat. We talked about trying to enjoy life and finding the fun parts of everything, even sitting at a boring cafe table. I have such great kids. Got lost again on the way out and had to ask for directions again to find the car. It was a day of mazes.

Then off to Jasmine's choice, an activity at the Glassworks that I deludedly described as "having to make an insect". When we got there it was a little table in the corner -- they had to draw a picture of an inspirational insect, with the chance of getting it made out of glass if they won. I was ready for huge disappointment, it was just a table with some pencils and paper on it, but they seemed fine with it and were quite excited about the prospect of their drawing getting made out of glass. First we went to watch a guy make a paperweight, that was actually pretty good. Then I wandered around the gallery while the kids did their drawings. Some beautiful items there.

Then we drove home. On the way I nearly went the wrong way down a divided road and they may have heard me swear for the first time -- I almost never swear whether in front of the kids or alone -- but today they would have heard a little "shit, shit, shit" as I wove all over the road trying to get back.

So, sound like a bit of a disaster day? It wasn't. The only complaints were 1) that it was boring driving around and around looking for a parking spot and 2) it was too hot sitting in the car driving home. Both children seemed to have a good day and enjoyed their time out with mummy.  Can I say again I have great kids?

In the afternoon another guy came to quote for new roller blinds for the kids' bedroom windows as we hadn't liked any of the fabric the first place had. At least we had his quote of around $700 for both as something to compare this second guy with. The kids helped me choose some absolutely beautiful patterned textured material. Which turned out to be $1330. Each. Hmmm. (That was a bit funny, actually, because he was saying it was thirteen thirty and at first I thought he meant $13.30 per meter and I thought that even if that was only for the fabric, not the trimming or labour, it was going to work out pretty cheap.) We revised the choices, got a nice non-patterned blind for Aiden for lesss than half the price (his is completely broken and is permanently down and ripped so he really needs a new one asap), and ended up getting nothing for Jasmine who wasn't interested in the lesser fabrics. Her blind is a bit tatty but still functional, and we hope to move house soon anyway.

If anyone is still reading this epic, hi!

Went up and down lots of stairs today and my ankle is a little sore. Bummer. But it's not too bad.

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