Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weigh-in Wednesday: 78.8 kg. Or 78.3 kg.


Yesterday I did the newly habitual step on and off the scale a few times and then take the average or the most common number, whatever seems most appropriate at the time, and just accept that it isn't very accurate. I ended up with 78.8 kg. When I went to the gym later, I used their scales (after breakfast, after BodyPump class, no shoes) and got 78.3 kg. I like that number better. Not that much better though. I've exercised a lot these past couple of weeks and my weight just bobs up and down over a 1 kg range. I admit to binging a lot during my 5 day nightmare TOM.

Anyway, I did the BodyPump class and increased the weights a little on two tracks. I had been putting off doing that until I was doing weights regularly, but that hasn't happened so I decided to go ahead and increase anyway. As usual, the only muscles sore the next day are thighs and glutes, from the squats and lunges. I also did a short session on the rowing machine, and then in the afternoon I played PowerUp Heros on the Kinect. Also walked the kids to and from school, while they rode their scooters. Quite an active day, and no desire to binge eat at all!

Today I was scheduled to do some walk/run intervals so I drove to the lake. Since Floriade was over, I decided to park over the other side of the lake at the National Library, where I always used to park. Today the car park was full. The next public car park had a locked gate. I drove on to another spot and found another car park closed off with signs saying "authorised access only" but with a young family getting out of one of the two cars in the otherwise empty space. I moved on and found another car park beside the lake, further around from where I usually walk, this one had paid parking instead of free. I hadn't expected to need money on my walk, but I did have an emergency $2 coin in my pocket. The ticketing machine ate it. I decided the universe was against me, and went home.

After a restorative cup of tea and then an early lunch, I used the XBox Kinect to play PowerUp Heros again -- a really good workout with lots of punching and kicking -- but I couldn't get past the second boss Malignance X, so I swapped to Just Dance 3 and got my groove on. I was dripping sweat with 10 mins before I had to pick up the kids. I still had my training run to do while they were at gymnastics, so I wanted to keep my sports bra on (my shoulder stiffness means I can't put on a normal bra without assistance) but I didn't want to go up to the school and then to gymnastics all red-faced and sweaty. I compromised with an awkward shower with my bra still on. It took some contortions, but I did ok. Enough to feel a bit fresher, anyway.

With the kids safely in their gymnastics classes, I set off for my training run. I had finally remembered to transfer some more CDs to my iPhone so I had some new music to choose from (Tina Cousins today). It wasn't a great day for running, there had been a severe wind warning and although I'm sure it was worse elsewhere it was bad enough where I was, pushing into a headwind with dust being whipped into my eyes. And my shins started hurting on the first running interval. I ended up doing five of the eight intervals then just walking the rest, my shins were so sore. Not a good sore, like you can argue exercised muscles feel. A "am I doing serious damage?" kind of sore.

I'm having some serious doubts about the whole running thing. I'm mainly doing it because lots of other weight loss bloggers have said they never thought they would be a runner but now they love it. I want to give it more of a chance that I have done so far, and at least complete one 5K. This evening I read up on shin pain when running but there was no consensus of what causes it or what to do about it. I don't think it is overtraining, the main quoted cause, with three short running sessions in the past two weeks, and it hurt the first time from the first moment. My shoes aren't that old, but I will get some extra padding inserts anyway to see if that helps. The most likely thing is my running style, which is probably just all wrong and puts too much pressure on my shins. I'll keep working on it. Only a bit over a week until my my 3.4K, my first race.

picture of PowerUp Heros from iconicimage

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