Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday weigh-in: 78.9 kg


I really didn't feel like writing but I thought I'd better do a quick catch-up before I go to bed.

My weight is slowly but surely creeping up and there is no mystery why; I am eating too much, and of the wrong things, and haven't exercised in five days. I have no excuse at all. I spent most of the long weekend playing the new expansion to WoW (computer game). Yesterday my little son wasn't feeling well (which isn't an excuse for me not exercising, I could have done Kinect at home) and now today I'm feeling sick. Which is an excuse, but only works for today.

The eating is influenced by school holidays, taking the kids out to the movies and various other things; again that isn't a good excuse. The only reason I eat too much junk is because I put it in my mouth, chew and swallow.

I have made a few abortive attempts to track food, I rarely get past breakfast. And every day I vow to drink more water and fail.

I can't make promises about the exercise -- I am sitting here with my back aching and my legs aching and wanting to just go to bed and sleep, hoping I will feel better tomorrow -- but I WILL get back on track with food. I am in control of what I eat.

Good night for now.

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