Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The evils of salad dressing


After yesterday's rest I woke today all refreshed and ready to push myself! ... ah, actually no. I wanted to take another day off! My feet & legs weren't sore anymore, but it is that TOM and I just wanted to sit around and feel grumpy.

But it was a training day so I eventually managed to bully myself out the door. The schedule called for a 2.4 km steady slow run or brisk walk. There is no way I can run for 2.4 km so I decided on a brisk walk in a big loop of the suburb. To be honest, I bribed myself with a promise that I could stop at the corner store near the end and buy a little packet of Doritos and make nachos for lunch. A small serve, not too much cheese. Not healthy at all, but it got me out the door.

It was cool and cloudy this morning, it looked like it was going to pour down rain any minute, so I kept my jeans on instead of changing into gym shorts. Of course the moment I got out the door the sun broke though the clouds and it became quite warm. I got a bit hot in the jeans but it wasn't too bad -- after all I was just walking -- and after I got going I rather enjoyed my time outside.

When the little voice told me the workout was over I was about midway between the corner store and home, a couple of blocks each way. Strongly influenced by the fact that I really needed to pee, I ditched the idea of nachos and just went home.

Caesar salad! Excellent idea. A bit calorie laden, yes, but lots of crisp cos lettuce and a bit of salty bacon and a perfect soft-boiled egg... not too bad, right? I love Paul Newman's creamy Caesar salad dressing. I didn't read the nutritional label. Well actually, I did glance at it to check the carbs and they were very low so it seemed like a good choice, a fine choice. I didn't look at the calories. I meant to have one tablespoon. You know when you are trying to drizzle something out of a bottle and it goes nothing ... nothing ... nothing ... half the bottle? I scraped a lot off and even washed a few pieces of lettuce but still ended up with a lot more than I had planned. I guesstimated 2 tablespoons. And after lunch I plugged everything into CalorieKing.

A whole head of baby cos lettuce, excellent. Bacon; well I knew that would have calories, ok. Egg, fine. Bread, hmm should have had a bit less bread maybe. Oo, forgot the olive oil that I tossed the bread in to crisp it up. A few more calories there. And the 2 tablespoons of creamy dressing OH MY GOD 218 CALORIES!!!?

Yeah, not so good. 218 calories just for the dressing, on an already quite high-calorie lunch. Maybe I need to pre-track.

I mentioned that I got that email yesterday from Diabetes ACT saying I should manage carbs and watch my blood sugar levels, well last night was D&D supper. I didn't think I had too much; two TimTams (chocolate biscuits with chocolate cream enrobed in chocolate) and a few apricot delight (about 50% dried apricot and the other 50% probably sugar). A couple of hours later I was feeling kind of light-headed. Could have been just tired and I have no idea if high blood sugar has a dizzying effect, but I went and tested my blood. 10.4 mmol/L, which I think is the highest I've ever seen it. Higher even than during the glucose test after 75 g of carbs!

I've calculated around 45g of carbohydrate, mainly sugar. Did it go up so high because it was a different time of day to the fasting test? Or because I had supper only about two hours after dinner? Or because I tested a bit less than 2 hours after starting to eat supper (about 1 hr 45 mins) instead of exactly 2 hours?

Or am I getting worse already?

Now there is a scary thought.

It is two months since my glucose tolerance test. I haven't lost any weight -- I've crept up by nearly a kg. I have good intentions every day and fail to follow through. This is so important.

I called Diabetes ACT and I've organised to go along to a couple of information sessions soon. I hope that will be of some help. But I know what I need to do, and it's me that needs to do it, not them. What will it take to make me take this seriously enough to be consistent?

This is it. I am serious. Now.

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