Tuesday, November 3, 2015



I've had a couple of good night's sleep lately, but not last night. I was awake from around 3:30am. A combination of things kept me awake. Thinking about all the stuff I had to do (not worrying, just thinking and planning), a bit of that pelvic pain that has never entirely gone away and is more noticeable at night, Tim's heavy breathing as he's an asthmatic. It's left me a bit tired today but not too bad. Hopefully I'll sleep better tonight.

It was a very busy day, our second last day of packing. We ordered a skip bin to be put outside our house - the fourth one in about six months! - and loaded that up with more old furniture, ancient paint tins, and some other rubbish that isn't going to fit in our normal household bin this week. More up and down the driveway carrying heavy things! I was very happy that my knee was fine. Then packing. Then my friend Caroline came over for our last afternoon tea visit. Then more packing.

Tonight I cooked my last dinner in this house, we're here all day tomorrow but I'll be finishing packing the kitchen stuff and also turning off the fridge so we'll go out for dinner.

Time for one more box then I get to collapse in front of the TV.

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