Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Last day


Today was completely exhausting. I woke at around 2am with my arms really sore, I assume from all the lifting and carrying heavy things up to the skip bin yesterday. I did get some more sleep before dawn, but also did a lot of tossing and turning in that time. My right forearm in particular was quite painful. I got up as soon as it was light.

It was a long day of packing and packing. Every time I thought we were nearly done, we found there was some more things. I think we've got about 140 boxes now. The only break we took was to walk up to the school to our children's last school assembly here in Canberra. Jasmine was playing the trumpet in the school band and Aiden's class was hosting the assembly and he got to speak several times to introduce the next segment. So it was a great ending to their schooling here. And I got to sit down for an hour!

We are mostly done now but there will still be a bit of running around while the removalists are here in the morning. My arms feel ok right now but my legs and feet are so tired and aching. I'm going to have a hot bath before bed to try to ward off some of the pain. I don't know if I'll be able to walk tomorrow, and I need to! Packing doesn't seem like hard work, but I must have done the equivalent of several hundred squats today as I put things into boxes.

See you in Sydney.


  1. Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly Blods xx

  2. Best of luck with your move. Take care of yourself.