Sunday, November 1, 2015



Okay, I may or may not have eaten some party leftovers today. We shall gloss over indiscretions. You can't walk off chocolate cheesecake, but I did at least do half an hour walking with Tim. To him, that is not even exercise. I was hot and a bit tired by the end. It was certainly exercise to me.

It was mainly a day of organising, like getting electricity set up to be connected at the new house. Tim had already organised internet, but not unimportant things like water or electricity! He has his priorities.

I'm a bit worried about the weather. We had a big storm last night that battered some areas. It is forecast for rain here on Thursday, and also rain in Sydney on Friday! It will be frustrating if everything gets wet, and removalists have to stomp their soggy boots all over the carpet at both ends. But I'm sure we can manage. And maybe it won't actually rain while we are loading/unloading.

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