Saturday, October 31, 2015

Farewell party


We had a very busy day. First it was Aiden's birthday party, a little early so that he could share it with his current friends. We went to the indoor powerkart raceway.
 (Aiden is on the floor in front of the podium.)
They had a great time.

Then after lunch and a quick house clean, we had our farewell party, just a gathering of friends here at our house. Very simple food (cheese and crackers, dip, chips etc) and sitting around chatting. It was really nice. I guess I will miss some of them after all! The kids also had some of their friends over, but we barely saw them except when they came raiding food. Mostly off doing their own thing.

After everyone was gone I was glad to sit quietly, alone with my iPhone games. Although nothing I did was particularly hectic, it was constant all day.

Three days to go!

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  1. that sounds neat, I've never been to an indoor version