Wednesday, October 28, 2015

100 boxes


Well guess what we did today. No prizes sorry, you were right, more packing. We have hit the 100 box point. That was my total estimate after getting to about 50, but we still have plenty more to pack so I hardly dare make another guess. Another 25 at least but maybe a lot more. You get thrown off when a food processor with all its attachments takes up nearly a whole box by itself!

Doing all this packing is more physical activity than I am used to, but a lot less than Tim usually does so he takes the kids out when they get home from school. He wonders why I don't want to come for a walk, meanwhile I'm half asleep in my chair.

Some of my tiredness may have an additional cause, we've had the worst pollen counts for years - much worse than last year when I was obviously affected by hayfever - so it could be partly that. On Tuesday, when I was feeling particularly sleepy all day, they said afterwards that the pollen counts were through the roof that day. I might be better off inside for a few more days.

One week until moving day.

[Later: After the kids came home with their pollen-covered shirts, and I also had some windows open for a while, I got really headachy and sleepy and burning eyes - definitely hay fever! I'm just going to stay inside with a bag over my head until Spring is over.]

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