Friday, October 30, 2015

Not much


Change of pace today. I did the shopping and then some paperwork, with half an hour nap in front of the TV after lunch. I can't sleep during the day if I lie on my bed, but no problem when sitting up in my armchair with the TV on! Tim packed one box and did some other stuff, I didn't pack anything at all.

My best friend in Canberra came over with her kids after school. One of the last after-school chats I'll have with her. Actually she's the only thing I'll miss. And hopefully we'll keep in contact. I know we will for a while, then it will probably go back to just "liking" each other's Facebook posts. It's hard to stay really close friends when you rarely meet. I have other friends who have moved interstate (or I did) and you visit a few times and call or email often, then less often, then you are down to commenting how much their kids have grown when you see a photo.

Canberra is a pretty city and we had a nice 15 years here but I'm definitely ready to move on. Everything is progressing smoothly. Busy non-packing weekend is coming up, we are having Aiden's birthday party a couple of weeks early and a farewell party. The CDs I decided to leave out for the party (the rest are packed) are all our "Hits of Summer 2007" type ones. I figured it was a good representative sample of the sounds of our time here.

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