Saturday, October 31, 2015



Happy Halloween to those who celebrate it. We don't, but a couple of times in the past we've had one group of kids turn up at our door and I've scrambled to find something to give them (luckily, ahem, I always have something in my private stash) so this year I thought I'd buy something Halloween-themed. Australian shops seem to advertise it these days. But at my local supermarket yesterday they had one cardboard spider hanging from the ceiling and some fun-size bags of chocolates on sale, that was all. Nevertheless, I had the Freddo frogs near the door tonight, ready to hand out just in case, but no one showed. Could be because we didn't have our outside light on! I'm not that keen to promote a foreign holiday based on sugar and horror anyway. And pumpkin, yuck.

Some more packing today. I wasn't feeling very well, I think it's just the hay fever. I did have a great afternoon nap. You know when you wake up after a complete natural sleep cycle so you feel good instead of all groggy and grumpy? Yeah, that.


  1. My nieces went trick or treating and some houses said they had no candy.It's very common in America, if you're going to be home you might as well be prepared to have a little candy to give out.

    1. I thought everyone did it there, and if you didn't have candy to hand out your house got egged!