Thursday, October 1, 2015



Another day spent mostly outside. Quite unusual for me! We did some errands in the city, which involved at least 45 minutes brisk walking back and forth, then met Tim for a nice lunch where we sat in the outdoor section of the restaurant. Then I took the kids to a nearby playground where they swang and slid and dug sand and got rather wet spraying each other with water canon things. I mostly sat and read. One great thing about older kids is you don't have to watch them every second! Although I rather regretted telling them they could get as wet as they wanted once it came time to get back in the car.

It was really nice Spring weather today, perfect to be outside. But it is going to be 10 degrees hotter by next Tuesday, like mid-summer. I've told the kids we'll have to have a couple of movie days, inside in air conditioning. I'm glad we've been outside while the temperature was milder.

I was going to leave rescheduling my doctor appointment until the kids were back at school in a bit over a week, to get test results, but my throat is still swollen and sore even though my flu is mostly over. I'm worried I need antibiotics. I have a tendency to throat infections whenever I get sick. I'll give it a few more days.

These school holidays have been pretty nice so far, but I need to think of some more things to do! Tim was going to take some time off but we decided we needed to save his days off for the big move in a few weeks, so I have to entertain the kids by myself. Not that they are difficult to entertain, but home is a bit boring at the moment with half their toys packed away. They enjoy being out and about anyway.


  1. Looks like a nice outing for the kids, many of our local parks in the area installed similar water systems for kid many years ago that have been quite a hit.

    Hope the throat swelling is subsiding.

    1. Thanks Brandon. The kids love getting wet on hot days!

  2. Always nice to be out and about in good weather ...

    Hope your throat improves soon.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. Gradually getting better.