Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Two slow days


I haven't talked much about healthy living lately because I keep waiting to have a good day so I can write about that. I have good intentions every day. But I rarely make it to lunchtime before making bad choices. Today I made it all the way to mid-afternoon before I ate some chocolate-covered honeycomb. That's better than I've done for ages so I'm calling today a partial win.

I felt the effects of that 50g of almost pure sugar pretty quickly. So dopey I could barely keep my eyes open. And of course my blood glucose shot up. I had a short nap and felt much better.


Later yesterday evening (unrelated to my Crunchie Bar, I'm sure) I had a rather nasty stomach upset. I had a restless sweaty night and still not feeling great this morning. Luckily I'm feeling on top of stuff I have to do. I'm packing a bit every day, but most of it will be done when Tim has a couple of weeks off work.

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