Monday, October 26, 2015

Bare walls


More packing today. I took the art off the walls and it looks very bare! Jasmine commented when she got home from school how strange it looks. And we went out and bought Tim a new suit for his new job. Charcoal grey. He's always worn a suit but we thought it was nice to have a brand new one. I felt very tired all day and had a nap in the afternoon.

Health issues are definitely creeping up on me. The last couple of years everything seems to be deteriorating with the sleep apnoea and the glucose intolerance and shoulder issues and knee issues. Pretty much everything is related to my weight, and therefore under my control (which is a good thing as it means I can change it). Except my current problem. I've had what I thought was a blister on one foot but it's been there for months. It didn't trouble me too much most of the time, sometimes painful. But now I have another one on the sole of my other foot and it hurts when I put weight on it - i.e. when I walk. At first I thought it was a splinter or maybe an insect bite, but it's been a few weeks now. So I think it's a plantar wart (euw). There isn't a lot you can do about it until your body fights off the virus, which typically takes several years! It isn't too bad when I have very padded supportive shoes on, like my sneakers, but barefoot or unpadded shoes mean it's quite painful to walk on. And we're nearly into summer! Oh, and they're contagious, so I don't want to be walking around barefoot anyway. Yuck. I'll get a doctor to look at it after we move, but according to the internet treatments are generally ineffective as the wart has deep roots and will just come back if you freeze it off. The rest of my family has all had warts in various places over the past ten years and they all took about three years to get rid of, with or without treatment. Mine are less visible (good) but more uncomfortable (bad). I need to walk around!

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