Wednesday, October 14, 2015



I intentionally walked for an hour today, but not all at once. I chose not to drive to places I had to be. I walked to my doctor's office, then back again; and later walked with the kids to the hairdresser (for Aiden, he could hardly see due to his long fringe) and home again. So it was really four 15 minute walks. Mostly pleasant but very hot outside by the last walk home uphill! I felt very overheated by the time I got home, thank goodness for air conditioning. The weather has been so variable that we're still using the heater some days and the air con other days (and of course neither as often as possible)! It is half-way through Spring here.

My doctor's visit was to check my Vitamin B12 levels, which are back in normal range which is great. It means the tablets are working and I don't need to have injections. Do I feel less tired now my B12 levels are normal? I'm not sure, maybe a bit. It's hard to tell because I also have sleep apnoea and haven't used my CPAP much in the past couple of months (I am using it every night again now). I have felt quite un-tired during most days, which is great, but I do crash pretty hard in the evening.

My Vitamin D is up a bit but my doctor is doubling my dosage to get it up higher. From what I read, half an hour of sunlight a day would also do the trick but I don't usually get that. I certainly did today.

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  1. I took B12 for a while but now I just settle for a multivitamin