Thursday, October 15, 2015



On the rare days I don't write a blog post, it's because nothing happened all day. I spent yesterday hanging around the house waiting for other people. Plumber, for a toilet leak (just water, nothing nasty, but this house is really turning into a money pit), gardener, removalist to deliver boxes. Today just grocery shopping, really, and the moving house project management I do every day (three weeks to go!) but I'll try to craft a post out of nothing.

Yesterday I made a comment on a forum where most of the people are on a LCHF diet (low carb, high fat) which is supposed to be good for people with insulin resistance. I mentioned that when I had tried a high fat diet (a while ago) it made me really queasy and did other people have this problem and do you get used to it? I found the range of responses really funny.

1. Go whole hog (as it were) with the diet and your body will get used to it.
2. Gradually ease into the diet and your body will get used to it.
3. That queasy feeling is actually satiety and you'll get to like it. (!! I know what comfortably full feels like, and uncomfortably overfull for that matter, and stomach full of grease is not the same!)
4. You must be doing it wrong. Tell me every detail of what you ate in what quantity and I'll tell you why you are wrong to respond differently to the way I did.
5. I will completely misread/ignore what you said and respond to something else. And by the way, you are doing it wrong.

At first I felt a little intimidated, the last couple were quite confrontational - defensive because I had criticized their diet? I didn't mean to, it was a genuine question. But in the end I decided to just revel in all the attention and responded politely to everything and it is still ongoing. We have branched out into why I am wrong for continuing to eat carbs at all (the LCHF diet seems to promote less than 50 grams of carb per day) and I fine with that, always enjoy a discussion about diets.


  1. I find it that the most sensitive part of many people is their diet habits. I don't like people making comments about what I eat, I usually try to restrain myself from being guilty of it too