Tuesday, October 27, 2015



More packing. Up to box 90.

Short walk with Tim.

Last night I was looking at the local gym near our new place, getting exciting about all the group classes at a perfect time for me (9:30am, after I get the kids to school, is when I like to go), but then I started to get a bit worried about my ability to do group classes at the moment. My knee was sore for several hours yesterday after just getting up after kneeling on the floor. Can it take running and jumping and lunging?

I'm good at finding problems but I like to think I can also find solutions if it's actually something I'm motivated to do (not something I'm looking for excuses for). And I've decided if gym activities are too much for me at the moment I'll spend time in the local swimming pool instead. Everyone says exercise in water is very kind on joints. It will be summer here, so being in an (indoor, shady) pool is appealing. We actually want to get a pool at our new house but don't know yet how much that costs or how long it takes. And once I've strengthened the knee and my dodgy shoulders, then I can do more high-impact and weights.


  1. I wish I had a pool I could go to on a regular basis. We had a swim center but it got torn down

    1. That's a shame.
      It looks like there is an indoor pool quite near our new place, so I plan to use it. I can go by myself, or I'm sure the kids would love to go after school.