Tuesday, October 13, 2015



The last price I can remember for a removalist was $800, about 15 years ago. Just my stuff, from a two bedroom flat, but quite a long distance. I've moved four times since then (single, then married with a toddler twice) and can't remember how much that cost, but one was friends with utes and the last two were short hops around the same city. For this move I was expecting somewhere in the vicinity for $2000 to move everything in a three bedroom house. We pack and unpack all boxes ourselves - it costs a lot extra to get that done for you. Tim thought I was being very optimistic with my estimate, but I was sanguine.

First guy came and looked at our stuff, gave a quote of $3784. Wow, I thought to myself, we're not going with you, are we! Second quote after filling in online inventory form; $6050! OMG! Maybe we're going with the first company after all! Both companies lend us boxes included in that price (we've packed up about half our stuff already during the de-clutter but need plenty more boxes). Third guy came and looked at our stuff today, will send me a quote tomorrow. I can always hope it will be closer to my estimate, but I'm not optimistic.

I went for a 30 minute walk today, very aware of my unfitness and all my little aches and pains. I woke up yesterday with my neck and shoulder really sore and could hardly turn my head all day, much better today but still a bit stiff. My right knee hurts when I go downhill or down steps. The tops of my feet were hurting when I walked (the tops? why?). Feeling very old and fat. Poor old me. Then I saw an old lady stumping along with her walking frame. I may be fat, but I'm not so old or unable to get around as I thought. With a bit of care, I'll be walking for a long time.

Aside from that I spent the day in more paperwork; schools, removalists, change of address notifications. Not very exciting, perhaps, but not stressful either. So much less stress since selling the house!


  1. that's amazing how much it costs. I'd rather just do it all myself