Monday, October 12, 2015

Term time again


Yesterday we went to brunch at a friend's house and that was a lovely end to the school holidays. Today the kids are back at school for the last four weeks before we move. I was busy with various stuff, but I found half an hour for a nap on my bed. Lovely.

I continue to work on increasing my CPAP hours and reducing my carbs. I've found it matters a great deal which carbs - obviously sugary junk food is bad but also any rice products (rice, rice crackers, rice noodles) are terrible for my blood glucose levels, yet a couple of slices of low-GI bread is fine, a moderate quantity of potato is fine. Even ice cream is fine (probably because all the fat slows down the absorption of the sugar). So I don't have to give up carbs entirely! I'm still testing things as I go.

I continue to watch The Biggest Loser and I found last night's episode really sad. After four weeks there is still one family of three sisters (their father was voted out in week one) who fight constantly and haven't settled into any kind of healthy mindset. They are horrible to each other. The twins will yell at each other then suddenly turn on their big sister and gang up on her. And fight with the trainer, and everyone else in the house. And wonder why no one likes them. Their relationships with each other are so dysfunctional. But the extra sad bit was that Jodie - who argues with her trainer all the time and seems to sit out of half of each session because she hates the treadmill, she hates getting dirty, she hates boxing, he doesn't understand her, no one listens - didn't lose much weight and she immediately started blaming everyone else. It was her trainer's fault (???) that she hadn't exercised as much as she should have. She stood up there on the giant scale and said that it was her sister's fault she was fat because the sister moved in with her and "made her" get fat. She is an adult, and just doesn't get it. She is so sad and lonely and angry and unhealthy and she'll never change until she realises that it's her responsibility to change. Did she think going on the show and being physically present in the Biggest Loser house would be enough? No one can magically make her be thin and happy.

It's one thing to find dieting hard, or to realise that there are some external influences on your health, it's quite another to completely deny all personal responsibility. No wonder she feels powerless.


  1. I didn't realize The Biggest Loser was still on TV

    1. It is in Australia, I don't know about elsewhere.