Saturday, October 10, 2015

Less tidy


I told the children yesterday that we didn't have to keep the house spotless anymore; Aiden's response was to joyously trash his sister's room. I did make him clean it up a bit, but it's been hard on them to live in a sterile house all holidays. We definitely relaxed a bit; piles of clothes folded on the bed, a few dirty dishes, toys on the floor.

Then we were having dinner last night. And I saw the people who bought the house coming down the driveway! They knocked and asked if they could look around outside again, and inside at the ensuite bathroom. They had their friend who is builder with them, and wanted some advice (the ensuite is a bit of a problem and I assume they are going to renovate it). I said that was fine, and it was fine really I guess, but it seemed a bit odd just turning up. Most people go through the agent and give notice of wanting to see a house someone else is still living in! I picked up a few clothes off the floor but didn't worry about it too much and went back to eating dinner. I am a bit sick of not being able to relax in my own house.

Weeks ago, when we were preparing the house for showing, we packed up personal photos. We have a lot of Chinese artwork from when we visited there and I thought we should put some of the wall hangings away, I worried just a little that people might find the house "too Asian" but Tim thought we should leave it out so we did. Well the people that bought the house are Chinese! And when we met them after the auction they mentioned the art. So it seems like it influenced them in a good way.

I wanted some time to myself today so Tim took the kids to the flower festival Floriade in the morning. I really didn't want to go again anyway, it wasn't inspiring this year.

I went over to the auction of our neighbour's house two doors down - we had to change our auction time because it clashed with theirs. Their house is a bit smaller than ours but is fully renovated and absolutely immaculate and beautiful instead of slightly shabby. The bidding started just below what we ended up getting but then didn't go much higher and didn't get to their reserve so was passed in (not sold). It certainly makes me more appreciative that we got a price we were happy with. They did have a sold sticker up a bit later so they must have negotiated with the highest bidder.

I used my CPAP last night, four hours. I'll increase tonight. I'm still working on my blood glucose, a bit of rice tonight was enough to send the numbers too high. Seems I can't eat much carb at all.


  1. Wow, that's quite odd; people just showing up like that while you're still living there! We're just beginning that stage where you can't relax in your own home (and we won't officially be on the market for another week to ten days) and I'm already sick of it.

    1. It gets quite emotionally exhausting to have no private space. I'm looking forward to settling into the new place.

  2. I rarely can't keep up a spotless house. My wife really does keep our room from getting into chaos. She left for California for a few days to see her dying grandmother, and when she returned she noticed how messy the room got.