Thursday, October 22, 2015

School camp


My baby went off to his first overnight school camp today. He is only eight! I'm sure I didn't go on an overnight camp until I was eleven or so. I'm dealing with it by trying not to think about it. Jasmine went on the same camp several years ago and I was a bit worried then, but she was fine; but she has always seemed more responsible and older for her age than Aiden. He is my baby!

I've got a new thing to add to my analysis paralysis about eating healthy. More and more, it seems impossible to know what healthy eating is. I tend to think that there are least a few things undisputed, but then find someone who disputes them. Today I was told that fibre is the enemy of your intestine and the cause of many of the diseases that your doctor says it prevents/cures. Like my (unconfirmed, because I haven't had a colonoscopy) diverticulitis that my doctor prescribed a high fibre diet to fix. And also, that without all that fibre you don't need nearly as much water, certainly not eight glasses, to help it move through the body. And too much water dilutes essential nutrients. Apparently I should stop eating fibre and drinking so much?!

I am exhausted. I'm sick of thinking about it. No matter what I do, it will be wrong. Every single diet plan/lifestyle change whatever you want to call it, I can tell you why it's wrong and terrible for your body. I even read today that they may have changed their minds about sitting down all day being so bad for you. For every book or article about why we should do one thing, there is another saying we should do the opposite. Everything one person says is the ultimate solution, someone else says will send you on a spiral of ill-health.

Did you know one historical treatment for diabetes was to give patients lots of extra sugar? They were losing so much sugar in their urine, it needed to be replaced. Obvious! Another treatment was a diet of whisky mixed with black coffee every two hours, no other food. It did actually control blood sugar. Dying of starvation was merely an inconvenient side effect.

I forced myself to go for a walk today. Grumbled my way through most of it. On the up side, at least there was no regret afterwards. Has anyone ever said, "damn, I wish I hadn't exercised today"? I suppose if they had injured themselves they might!

Feeling a bit lost at the moment.


  1. We had a 5th grade field trip to a place called Barrier Island where it was a weekend long trip. There was another to Charleston in middle school. I never went to either.

  2. In terms of figuring out your diet, I think whether you recognize it or not, you're using information to keep from taking action you don't want to take. And I get it and I don't mean to sound like a jerk. You know you should reduce your intake of sugar and processed carbs - your sugar testing shows you that it's bad for you. You know you should exercise more (walking is good). I aim for 12,000 steps a day and hit that most days (and I'm about 20 years older than you). Because of the family history of diabetes I limit my carb consumption - which made my high triglyceride number drop by two-thirds. I still eat (on occasion) oatmeal, beans and the occasional serving of fresh fruit but I typically have only a single serving of a true carb food (bread, potato, rice, etc.) each day. I almost never eat sugar and I try to keep my portions moderate, except for vegetables - I eat a LOT of vegetables. My blood tests are good, I feel good and I lost my excess weight (I got as high as 160 but am now under 130) and have kept it off for many years. You don't have to eat what I eat, of course, but you should stop letting all the varying diet plans cause confusion and inaction. I seriously wish you the best but sometimes it's hard to read your blog - too many excuses for why you're not taking any action in terms of your diet and your health.

    1. You are absolutely right. I very much have a mindset of "I don't wanna" and I actively look for excuses. I need to put on my big-girl pants and get on with it.

    2. And by big-girl I meant grown-up, not fat-person.