Wednesday, October 7, 2015



We didn't do much today because we couldn't think of anything we wanted to do! We kept asking each other and no one came up with anything. So in the morning Jasmine read and Aiden played with Lego, in the afternoon they watched a DVD and Jas made chocolate chip cookies. I did more project managing for the move all day. Organising a removalist (I'll be getting quotes from a couple), calling schools, reading paperwork and filling in forms.

Have to make sure we actually do something interesting tomorrow.

We have a several options with schools so I've been investigating a few. The closest government school is guaranteed, but we might want to go on a waiting list for one further away. It's tricky with potentially moving them around so much. Jasmine will only have six weeks left of primary school when we move, then go to another new school for high school, don't know if we want to move her yet again if we move up a waiting list to a different school. And how far away are we prepared to travel/how much prepared to pay for the school of our choice? Still deciding.

Also organising Aiden's birthday party. He turns nine a couple of days after we move so we'll have a party here a week before we go. We're going to a go-cart racetrack. Aiden went there once to a friend's birthday and really loved it.

We'll also need to organise a farewell party. Just over four weeks until we move. Goodbye Canberra!

The real estate agent and the auctioneer came over at 5 to brief us about tomorrow. It all seems pretty straightforward, especially since Tim and I have been to a couple of auctions recently. 24 hours to go.


  1. My wife and I are looking for a house, and trying to pick one with a good school can be tricky. Luckily there is a website that gave me all kinds of info on schools so it wasn't too hard to find the schools, just the houses near them

    1. We rejected one otherwise good house because it was so far from schools. It's important!