Friday, October 9, 2015

Is that going home for you?


One removalist representative came today to give us a quote for moving our stuff, and he asked me "is this going home for you?" and the answer is yes. I've never really felt like Canberra was home. Sydney does, even though I haven't lived there for 20 years. I didn't want to move back for a long time, but now I do.

We texted a few people last night about successfully selling our house and I was a bit sad I couldn't tell my mum. She would have been so happy we were moving back near her. We'd planned to for several years but had to wait for a job opportunity for Tim. Too late for mum. At least I made an effort to see her more in her last year.

We went out to dinner last night to celebrate the sale. I can't say my lower-carb efforts are going that well - for example last night I had a lower carb main (steak, and didn't eat the chips) but then had dessert! And a Cosmopolitan cocktail. Today I had a noodle stir-fry for lunch. My blood glucose numbers are still too high any time I check. Need to tighten the diet.

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  1. I should be out of my current home in at most 12 months for a new house when we get one. Even though I'll be happy to move out, it's been my home since I was two years old. I'm sure they'll be some bitter-sweetness about it.

    Though I won't be moving to another city.