Monday, October 19, 2015

Use the force


We had a quiet weekend, a bit of packing and shopped for a wedding present for next weekend. We made the most of being able to relax as it's going to get very busy soon as we start the proper packing.

I'm guessing watching the first three Star Wars movies over the past three weeks has influenced me a bit. I was walking from my car into a shopping centre this morning and as I approached the automatic sliding doors I raised my right hand and swept it to the side. I didn't even think about it, it was kind of weird really. And the doors opened! I used the force! When I realised what I'd done I grinned to myself for about half an hour.

And the weirdest thing was when I came back an hour later, that door was being repaired! Did I use the dark side by accident and break it?


  1. It's hard to believe the next movie is about two months away

  2. Lol. I heard that the tickets are already sold out?