Saturday, November 21, 2015



Most of the day was taken up with shopping for a kitchen/dining table, our second weekend trudging from store to store. The problem is we weren't finding one we loved anywhere. I did love that French-style one I posted last week (we visited that one again) but Tim just didn't like it. Apart from a few rare examples, the fashion in tables at the moment seems to be for big thick slabs of timber on two heavy supports that impede where you can put your legs. Not our style at all. We had the perfect table in mind but couldn't find it anywhere. So in the end we settled for one we both liked well enough. Or thought we did, the moment we walked out after paying a deposit I was plagued with doubts. It's a big expense and something you don't replace very often, and it seemed such a shame to "settle" for one we didn't love. I took a photo but I'm not going to post it because it looks weird and kinda green and worse than I'm sure it actually is and it makes me sad to look at it. I keep reminding myself I did like it in the store! It has a parquetry top with pieces of wood laid in a pattern, rather than one big slab. I think it will suit the space and it's extendable for big family dinners and will be here in time for Christmas.

I also wasn't excited about the chairs, we decided for practical reasons to get faux leather covers on the padded seats rather than pretty upholstery because our children still haven't mastered the art of getting food directly from their plates to their mouths. Aiden has a very relaxed attitude towards cutlery. We had our current chairs reupholstered only a year or so ago and they are filthy again. So something easily cleaned was a sensible choice.

Cheering me up from the general disappointment of not getting exactly what I had imagined, we did pick up a few cute pieces of art as we wandered around the furniture stores. We got this lovely pair for the lounge room;

And this for our bedroom;

And a couple of cushions;

All birds! I was really surprised at how inexpensive pretty things like this can be.

In the evening I went out with a couple of "the girls" from Tim's side of the family. We saw the current Hunger Games movie and then sat at a rooftop café and had a drink.

I continue to make some good choices and some bad choices with food. I had Twisties (cheese flavoured snacks) in the movie, but didn't eat all of the bag and threw the rest in the bin. I thought about taking the rest home for later but reminded myself we weren't having a Twistie shortage and I could buy more another time. Maybe not at the movies though, they were $5.70 for a medium size bag! That would be about $2 in a supermarket. The café we went to was basically a dessert bar -- a chocolate dessert bar! I drooled over the menu and promised myself I would come back sometime to try the food, but only had a lemon/lime juice on crushed ice which was delicious. The others had tea or coffee, so no one ate which was good for me. I wasn't hungry, but if someone else had ordered it would have been hard to resist. Chocolate dessert isn't about hunger!

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  1. I really like the art work you picked. Will look lovely in your new home!

    Maybe once the table is in place you will like it a bit better. I think you made the right choice with the faux leather seats. Aiden will be grown up before you know it and you might actually miss the messy days! It goes by in the blink of an eye.