Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Tuesday evening:

My "diet" plan is a bit different to my usual all-or-nothing technique, I don't know whether that is a good thing or not. This morning I weighed exactly the same as last Wednesday. I'm just trying to make good decisions on a moment-by-moment basis. Quite a few times, I have resisted eating something after questioning myself and deciding I didn't really want it. But sometimes I found I DID really want it! This morning I made the very bad decision of going shopping just before lunchtime after eating nothing since breakfast (generally I have a snack at morning tea time, I aim for fruit). I was planning to buy something to make for lunch at home. But when I got there my stomach was growling and I was genuinely hungry, and it would be an hour before I was home again (I had a few shops to go to). And I walked past a doughnut shop. When I say walked past....

On the up side, a large chocolate doughnut did hold off my hunger until I was home again, so I didn't fill my trolley with junk as I probably would have done if I'd grocery shopped while hungry. On the down side, it wasn't exactly the best nutritional choice. I could have walked a little further to the fruit shop. Or got a Subway sandwich or something instead of delaying lunch.

On the other up side, the doughnut was delicious and I really enjoyed it!

I went for a short walk this morning before the kids got up, about 15 minutes. Sydney was supposed to have better weather than Canberra but it's been crazy. Cold and rainy, hot and humid, steamy then storms. Today was very nice, but the temperature is set to climb to 38C (100.4F) by Friday, then drop to 22C (71.6F) on the weekend. I'm alternating between summer pyjamas and winter fleece! If I want to exercise outside for the rest of this week it will have to be first thing in the morning. My plan is to gradually explore the neighbourhood.

The other day I walked past the local Catholic school and got into a conversation with the crossing guard/lollypop lady. I told her I'd just moved here and was looking around, she seemed to take that to mean I was looking for a good school and really put the hard sell on about the Catholic school - although she looked a bit dubious when I said I wasn't Catholic. She was telling me how good it was compared to all the other schools around, and was horrified when I said we'd considered the rival Anglican school. It was quite hard to extricate myself.

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