Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Speed walking


I'm spending a lot of time in the lirary but they won't give me a card because I don't have proof of my new address in this state yet! Oh well, at least I get Internet for up to four hours a day free.

Yesterday wasn't quite as healthy in terms of food intake, it was Aiden's birthday and we had lemon tarts in the afternoon and ice cream after dinner.

I am getting plenty of exercise though. The kids are going to different schools, Aiden to the nearby Primary and Jasmine to the further-away Primary attached to the High School she'll start in next February (to give her an easier transition, only 6 weeks of primary left). They'll both eventually ride their bikes when they get more confident with local Geography, but for the moment I take them. Luckily the start and end times are staggered. So we drive Jas to school, park back at home, then I walk Aiden up to his school. Same for pickup in the afternoon. I'm getting nearly an hour walking total (plus unpacking). A good start I think.

The library is also a good distance to walk except that I'm ending up doing a bit of shopping every day and need the car for that.

Yesterday afternoon we were cutting it a bit fine to pick up Aiden. Jas and I speed-walked up the long  hill in the heat. It may be only 10 mins walk at my top speed, but it nearly killed me to push that hard.  Jasmine was just strolling off ahead while I was puffing and sweating. I got very red in the face! I'm sure I'll get used to the hill. It's fine at a more relaxed pace.

This morning I weighed 85.0 kg, a loss from my peak a few weeks ago, and not bad for that time of the month when I retain extra water. I'm trying to use this move to help kickstart a healthier lifestyle that involves plenty of physical activity and occasional treats rather than everyday junk.


  1. The library is really the only place I can peacefully read. I just can never do it at home.

  2. Happy belated birthday to Aiden! I hope he enjoyed his special day and has a wonderful year.