Thursday, November 26, 2015



Another creature has been added to the "this woman gives out free food" menagerie, or was probably hanging around all along and I just didn't see him. Boris is a lizard longer than my arm. Maybe from the water dragon family. There is a little creek just across the road and I've seen a couple around there. He keeps to the edges, probably trying to avoid kookaburras, but didn't seem particularly afraid of me. I didn't go too close.

The baby magpie annoyed me this morning. Turned up alone after all the food was gone, sat on my outdoor table and demanded attention very loudly and persistently, and poohed all over the table. Not that much different to a human baby I guess! Interesting to see it here without its parents after only a couple of supervised visits.

Really sleepy today with a dopey head and heavy eyelids. Just the heat I think. Another scorcher. I felt much better after the cool change came through in the evening. Weather is up and down, up and down. The forecast for Kangaroo Valley on the weekend is cool on Saturday, warm and rainy on Sunday. I'm trying not to think of it as camping and feeling more positive about it. Yes I'll have to endure some outdoor activities and an evening BBQ with the mosquitoes, but I get to sleep in a cabin with a real bed and bathroom, it is a pretty location, and there are cafes and a picturesque little town nearby if it does rain on the Sunday. I won't exactly be roughing it! The kids are very excited but Tim is exhausted with new job and long commutes and would really rather stay home (it was all his brother's idea in the first place). My complaining probably isn't helping his mood.

The pool guy came and it would be pretty expensive. We are still thinking about it. And it wouldn't be finished until mid-February, which is the end of summer! I think the kids would love a pool so much.

I haven't met any neighbours yet. I thought it would happen naturally if we were in our front yards at the same time, getting the mail or something, but that hasn't happened. The side and back fences are all high solid colourbond. I'm not really comfortable going and knocking on front doors. We've been out a lot on the weekends, or else buried inside unpacking. Lots of people have children the right ages to play with mine, but there are lots of schools around here so they go to different ones. I might have to be more pro-active about meeting people.


  1. funny how animals seem to get over their human fears if there's food to be had

    1. Yes it's so much easier for them to come here and eat off a tray than catch something themselves. I'd rather eat raw steak than bugs any day.

  2. Boris would have scared the bejeepers out of me!

    I have great difficulty meeting new neighbors/friends for some reason. I'm extroverted but just no luck with this.

    I'm glad that there are at least same age children for yours to play with. It's easier for kids, they can just go outside and join in when they see the others playing. Too bad we're too old for that!

    1. And the kids have already made lots of friends at school. I didn't realise that I'd even miss the familiar check-out servers at my supermarket - people I only said a few words to but still they've seen me every week for years and can remember when I had a toddler in the trolley. I wonder how much they get to know the people they serve from what we have in our trolleys... looks like they're having a party this weekend, she must have started a new diet with all that healthy food and low-fat yoghurt, home brand this week they must be out of money, a pregnancy test AND condoms so we know what answer they're hoping for... lol

    2. That's great that they've made new school friends; children do that so quickly!

      I feel the same about the checkers in my local stores. I live in a very small town and often they are the friendliest people I encounter all day!

      I am on occasion embarrassed by my junk food purchases tho and hope they don't judge.