Wednesday, June 20, 2018

All done


Today was my final day of work placement. I spent most of the time creating a PowerPoint with information about the library to play on a loop on the big screen behind the desk. I enjoy doing the cute transitions and animations. And we had a little farewell morning tea for me. The head librarian was there for once, but more importantly Lyn who is my favourite librarian. She spent a lot of time training me, but was nice enough to say I’d contributed more than I’d been given. I hope I get to work with her some time in the future. I left them a little cyclamen plant as a thank you, they thrive in cold conditions! I won’t miss the chilblains.

I have all my results for individual subjects now, so I’m all done. Just need the actual piece of paper to say I’ve graduated. I can update my CV from ‘soon to be’. Now the job searching begins in earnest. And no excuse not to exercise a lot more! I went for a lovely walk yesterday. I need to get out more, whenever it’s not pouring rain. It’s been very wet lately.

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