Sunday, June 3, 2018

Icy toes


The reboot Duromine effect has worn off, I ate very little for several days while sick then ate a lot for several days to catch up... back to normal now. Whatever normal is. Weight bounced back up a little to 70.2 kg, still comfortably under what it was two weeks ago. But I want to get back under 70 kg!

It is so cold at this second workplace. The main part of the library isn't too bad, but the staff office and tearoom are freezing. My feet ache. It's winter here now, icy and rainy, but I think it's warmer outside than in the tearoom! Cold drafts everywhere. There is a tiny fan heater the staff use to try to stay warm. It's a small library, only two staff at a time not including me. But at least six desks in the office!? I had a good chat with Matthew about getting a job, he did the same degree as me a few years ago (same teachers!) and a temp job turned into his current more or less permanent status. He trained as a High School teacher originally, but had a chair thrown at him by a student on his first day. Six months confirmed it wasn't the job for him.

I just lodged my last assignment. Now all I have is my teacher coming out to assess me in the workplace, in two weeks. Should be ok, but I can get flustered sometimes.

I feel mostly better from my flu but my coughing keeps me awake at night. Aiden's got a runny nose now, crossed fingers he fights it off.

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