Wednesday, May 30, 2018



I spent yesterday at home, mostly sleeping, instead of going to work. Today I had my last visit to my TAFE in the city, a consultation with a teacher about my big research assignment. I was feeling a lot better than yesterday so I decided not to cancel. Maybe not the best choice. When leaving home, I could hardly get out of our street due to traffic banked up on the main road. It turned out there was a big accident on the nearby bridge (at least one truck and several cars) so the road was closed. Everyone was diverted to next crossing, a long way around with only one lane each way (the usual bridge has three lanes each way). With so much traffic everything was slow, and we also had to inch around a minor bingle (car accident). Getting to the station took me an hour instead of about 15 minutes. And I had to park a long way from the station at that time of day. Of course I don't equate my minor inconvenience with what people actually in that big accident went through!

I was lucky enough to catch an express train to the city, and I walked really fast at the other end, so I ended up only 20 mins late - for a 30 minute meeting. I was rather hot and tired by then from brisk walking while feeling sick! I even have a blister on my toe. But the meeting itself went well. My teacher was happy with my progress on the assignment, which is nearly finished. It was the last time I needed to go into TAFE, ever. I will see my teacher one more time when she comes to visit me at work to assess me there, otherwise I just have some online stuff and finishing work placement. My teacher mentioned they only have one graduation ceremony a year so I think that will be nearly 12 months away! I might just get them to mail it to me.

The trip home was much slower and less stressful, I half-dozed through most of the train journey. Didn't appreciate the icy rain getting back to the car. Very glad to finally get home again.

At least I got some exercise today!

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