Saturday, May 26, 2018

It’s working again


I haven’t lost any weight for several (five?) weeks now, but the past couple of days have been better. I skipped taking Duromine (phentermine) while I was sick, and started again yesterday. It really feels like it’s having an effect again and really curbing my hunger and suppressing my usual avid interest in food. This afternoon we went out to buy Tim some new clothes, when the kids wanted a snack he took them while I did some shopping for myself. I ate nothing from lunch until dinner - unheard of! And I was only normally hungry by dinner time. So hopefully skipping a few days has reset my reaction to the medication and I get another good month out of it before my body gets used to it again.

Apart from getting Tim’s new suit, I did work on assignments and lodged two. Four weeks to go, three assignments left.

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