Friday, May 25, 2018

Low B12


I went back to the doctor this morning for my blood test results. Most things were fine, like fasting blood sugar (it only goes high when I eat bad stuff!), cholesterol a little high like it has been forever, still working on that. The only thing of real note was my vitamin B12 which is very low. Which can cause tiredness, among other things. I’m tired all the time! I was first diagnosed with low vitamin B12 in June 2015, three years ago. I took daily tablets, and four months later my B12 levels were back up to normal. Somehow between then and now I stopped taking the tablets. You have to take them with meals so I’d have them sitting on the kitchen table. But I’d put them away when visitors were expected, then forget them once they were out of sight. I’d remember eventually, start again, then run out or put them away again... anyway I’ve bought some more tablets and I’ll try to take them consistently.

Jasmine was back at school today. But apparently she had such a bad nosebleed in maths that she sat in the office for 40 mins waiting for it to stop. They gave her a shirt to wear, her other one was covered in blood. They kept asking her if she wanted to go home but she’d already missed three days of school and she didn’t want to miss any more.

Aiden was very upset when he got home from school yesterday. He sat on my lap and cried for quite a while. He was waiting to cross the road at the traffic lights when a car lost control (maybe braking too late when the lights changed?), skidded, and nearly mounted the pavement where he was standing. Very scary.

Tim got home after midnight last night, trying to catch up on two days off work.

It’s been a challenging week. Yay for weekends!


  1. I think I've heard that B12 helps weight loss, but I don't know if it's true. I hope Jasmine was given some ice in a bag or cloth to put on her nose, poor thing. I had terrible nose bleeds as a child. My mother made me tip my head back so the blood ran down my throat--not the correct treatment. And how awful for Aiden. I hope your weekend is a restful one.


    1. Jasmine gets bad nosebleeds quite often, especially when as now she is blowing her nose a lot. I used to at her age too, so I guess it’s genetic. I don’t know if B12 helps weight loss, but I know being tired inhibits weight loss! So if it can fix that, it will definitely make a difference.