Friday, May 11, 2018



I haven't been nearly so exhausted this week, I guess I'm used to working (part time). I manage to get some study done now when I get home instead of just needing a nap. My eating has been pretty terrible though. Because I only work until 2pm, I don't get a lunch break. I try to shovel some food in during my short tea break but it's tricky because I'm being trained by several people and my time isn't really my own. I have to remind whoever I'm with that I need a break and then if I don't hide, someone will say "Oh Natalie, I wanted to show you..." I often go outside but this week they've been burning off in the Blue Mountains (bushfire hazard reduction, controlled fires) and the smoke made my eyes burn so I had to go back in. I'm lucky if I manage to eat half an apple and make a cup of tea to carry around with me. So when I leave at 2pm I am ravenous and make bad choices. Like the KFC that is more-or-less on the way home.

These first two weeks of work the head librarian, my official supervisor, has been away on holidays. She's back on Monday. I've been working with the two other librarians. I have to impress someone new all over again!

Six weeks of study (and work placement) to go to finish my degree. I have six subjects and managed to finish the final assignment for one of them this afternoon. Five to go!

The weather has turned really cold. Fair enough, it's only about three weeks until winter.


  1. Why not pack a lunch or snack or something you find tasty, to eat on the way home? It'd be better than KFC, yes? Do you think you're trying to sabotage yourself by 1) allowing yourself to get too hungry, and then 2) specifically going out of your way to hit a KFC?

    1. Thanks, that is a good idea. Then I can eat as soon as I leave instead of waiting until I get home and prepare something. Won't be hot food though, on a cold day - maybe something to eat in the car to tide me over then hot but light food like soup when I get home. I'll try that. I don't feel like I'm deliberately sabotaging myself, but I am well aware I make bad choices when hungry so I need to plan ahead better!