Monday, May 21, 2018



I weighed 71.4 kg this morning, up a little bit. I went back to my doctor this morning for a blood test for various things, I’ll get the results later in the week. Blood pressure still up, I think 137/88.

Tim was home sick today. He’s had issues with allergies lately, or that’s what we thought, but now it seems more like flu. I had a headache too but hopefully I’ve shaken it off. Slightly weird thing, the skin on both my palms is peeling off a bit, I couldn’t image why as I haven’t been doing any manual work lately to cause these blisters. I showed Tim, and he has the same on his hands! Not itchy or red, just air bubbles that burst and peel, like you’d get if you’d been doing a bit of wood chopping or something. Odd.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on various assignments all week and I’ve got a lot done. Feeling on top of things. I’m still not doing any exercise though. My work days are different this week so I was home today. While taking a break from study I went and sat out by the pool with a book for a while. It was lovely and sunny, warm enough with a jumper on. Nice but of vitamin D.

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