Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dress code


Today one of the librarians came in with her shirt unbuttoned rather low. She’s an attractive woman, always nicely dressed with skilful makeup, and I wasn’t sure if the unbuttoning was deliberate. I felt that if I said something, I would be implying that I disapproved and what if it was a style choice? She wasn’t actually revealing much. After a little while she looked down and commented that her button kept coming undone, and calmly did it back up. I think I was right not to say anything. But I would want to know, if it was me and I was dealing with students.

The cookery school is directly opposite the library. On Tuesday the students brought in a menu of things that they were making and that we could buy for lunch very cheaply. I didn’t go, but both the librarians did. Today the barista students brought in boxes of cupcakes and trays of coffee and hot chocolate! All free. We put it on the library counter to share with everyone who came in. I had half a cupcake (too sweet). I’m a bit worried about being plied with food twice a week!

I’m finding this whole work thing exhausting. Learning new things, and on my feet most of the time, and interacting with lots of people. A bit different to my usual routine! And I don’t get a lunch break because I’m only doing part time hours, only a short tea break. Today I had to remind them I needed one. No wonder I get home and collapse. I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I am enjoying it, even if I don’t get time to take a breath.

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