Monday, May 7, 2018



This morning I weighed 70.6 kg. A loss of 0.5 kg this week, my first loss in a while! I'm actually still up 0.2 from four weeks ago, BUT my waist is down to 91 cm which is a loss of 3 cm over that month. I knew I was skinnier!

I continued my work placement today. I really like everyone there. Monday is the quietest day so there was time to train me in some more things. I spent most of the weekend doing assignments, trying to keep on top of it all. Only seven weeks to go.

This coming weekend is very busy with my Poppa's 100th birthday, our 16th wedding anniversary, Mother's Day, and our annual Eurovision party! I had been hoping to get some more use out of my lovely newish summer dresses, but since cold weather has suddenly hit I'm going to need to go out shopping again for winter stuff. I need a pretty dress (at least one) for all these parties!

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