Monday, May 28, 2018



I had an amazing weigh in this morning. 69.8 kg! I am under 70 kg! I finally broke that plateau and had my ‘whoosh’, and lost a massive 1.6 kg this week. Very happy with that.

Unfortunately that was the only good thing today. I’d continued to feel a bit unwell all weekend and today I felt really awful. Flu has hit with full force. I dragged myself to work, don’t really know why. I’m now in the other branch of the library and it seemed nice but I could barely stand up. Wasn’t thinking too clearly either. I pretended to be well as best I could, hard when your nose is like a waterfall and you keep sneezing. My neck glands are swollen. Yeah, I know, poor me. And I’ve still got to get Jasmine to her dance class, and my father in law is planning to drop over for a while tonight. I’m thinking I might spend tomorrow in bed. I’m not very chirpy when I’m sick.

Still happy about my weight though! 😁🤧

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