Thursday, May 17, 2018

High blood pressure


I saw my doctor again this morning to check my blood pressure because it was high two weeks ago - very unusual for me. Still high today, although not as bad. At least, it was 150/90ish the first time she checked, which is very high, but we waited and tested again and it was 133/91 which isn't as bad. Still too high though (I think 120/80 is normal). Duromine (phentermine) can raise blood pressure but it never has for me before. I don't have any other symptoms like headaches or dizziness. My doctor thinks it's probably the stress of work placement plus these last few weeks of study with all the assignments, not making time to exercise etc rather than the Duromine that is causing it, and feels that not being overweight is very important for my health so wants me to keep taking it. I'm not losing but at least I'm not gaining. I'm not sure what I think. She wants me to concentrate on exercising more, just getting outside and walking, more as a stress relief than for weight loss. I'll try that for now and see her again soon. Also having a blood test on Monday to check my thyroid and blood sugar.

Weight loss doesn't feel like a big priority right now, although I definitely want to lose more and in particular just one more kilogram to get under 70! I'm stuck on 71.1kg. But I'm so busy with finishing my degree, looking for work, and looking after my family; and I feel so much better at this weight than I did when heavier, that weight loss has fallen off the radar a bit. I did talk about that with the doctor, but she was concerned that if I stop the Duromine while I'm so busy and stressed and not worrying about my weight that I'm more likely to regain than if I stop at some calmer time. I think that is a reasonable fear.

I wore last winter's black jeans today. Ridiculously baggy. And they were my tight ones!

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